Wise County Fairgrounds Parking Fund-raiser 2016


For the third year in-a-row, the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club – WC5C sponsored parking at the Wise County Fairgrounds for the Wise County Antique Auto Club in Decatur, Texas on 25th-28th February 2016.  The weather this year was excellent!


Hope, Bob – WD5ILB, and Gene – KD5EMS making sure folks don’t get in without paying!

Many thanks go out to the following club members who volunteered with directing traffic, taking money, keeping us fed, and other duties, as needed:

Robert Ashmore – KG5HCN

Zachary Barker

Mike Burns – KE5NCS – Special thanks for five full days at the fairgrounds!

C.J. Finch – KD5NXG

Paul Finch -WB5IDM – Special thanks for providing ground transport (golf carts)!

Dan George – AF5VM

Wendell Holden – KD5KTQ

Tommy Latham – KG5FNV

Hope Marx

Richard Marx – KE5ZGZ

Daryl Pate – KC5SLQ

Gene Skowron – KD5EMS

Randy Thompson – KF5RRF


General parking area


The view past the trailer and into the parking area.


A quick break in the action


Our modest accommodations


Mike – KE5NCS, at the front gate


Richard – KE5ZGZ and Zachary